Our Philosophy

At Marli Marli Early Learning Centre, we believe that children have many different ways of living, learning and knowing. Our program takes inspiration from the Educational Project of Reggio Emilia, and we recognise children as protagonists of their knowledge. We believe they learn through many modes of expression, communication and understanding.

We foster warm and responsive relationships between children and educators to support each child’s sense of identity and wellbeing. We accept and embrace diversity and value inclusion, and we recognise and respect Aboriginal cultures and their unique place in the heritage and future of our country.

Our program lays the foundation for children to become responsible citizens of the world by supporting them to become environmentally responsible and to show respect and empathy for the world around them. Our program will teach children to learn about growing foods, conservation and harvesting and introduce a sustainable approach to recycling.

Our ELC staff embrace excellence, contemporary practices and foster collaboration between and with children, families and colleagues. We are committed to providing an environment and culture of lifelong learning where children can maximise their full potential.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to create an environment in which children can experience the wonder of life through a process of social, physical and intellectual transformation. We value and respect children, their family and our staff. Our goal is to support children to develop resilience, self-esteem, imagination, reflection, motivation and the curiosity to create a love of lifelong learning.

We recognise the importance of individuality and diversity and our environment is created to welcome, stimulate and motivate the curiosity of children. Our educators work in teams to support children’s learning and to develop collaborative partnerships with families, and we will provide many and varied experiences for children to express themselves.

Our Story

We took inspiration for our vision and philosophy from the butterfly. The butterfly has long represennted hope, beauty, nature, transformation, change, development, transition and freedom of choice. We will walk alongside children, through a process of learning that will transform their ideas, theories, knowledge and understanding.

Marli Marli Values


We offer the highest quality education and care possible. We do this by attracting competent educators who develop interesting and challenging educational programs for children.


We recognise the child’s right to be nurtured through responsive interactions and programs that support them to grow to their fullest potential. We provide them with a nurturing environment that allows them to thrive.

Respectful Relationships

Respectful relationships will be developed, maintained and learnt, with and between children, families and staff.


Collaborative partnerships with families are established and maintained as we recognise they are fundamental to achieving quality learning outcomes for children.

Image of the child

We see children as citizens of today who are rich, powerful capable and competent.

Lifelong Learning

We believe that children are born curious about the world and our learning experiences will motivate and ignite a passion in your child for lifelong learning.


Our architect designed environments are aesthetically pleasing and support creativity, wonder and sense of belonging.